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Bhiwadi Plant

Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Limited (Sintered Product Division)

The Bhiwadi plant manufactures precision powder metal (sintered) components for engines, transmissions and lubricating pumps, including valve seat inserts, valve guides, synchronizer hub, timing pulleys, ge-rotors, lubrication pumps, gears and many other structural components.

The Bhiwadi plant was one of the first three in India, and one of the first 15 in the world, to become certified in ISO/TS 16949/OHSAS 18001. The production facility was planned for specific product ranges, allowing for greater control of processes and final product quality.


Production Capacity:
Valve seat inserts: 12.0 million
Valve guides: 13.0 million
Structural parts: 4.5 million


Products Manufactured:

  • Valve seat inserts
  • Valve guides
  • Synchroniser hubs
  • Oil pump gears
  • Crankshaft & camshaft pulleys
  • Other intricate powder metal components


Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd.- Bhiwadi plant utilizes the global network of engineers and localized technical centers for advanced product development. These innovations include eight computer controlled engine test cells; materials development and associated mechanical testing; and analytical services.
Y-cone blending with in-built separators allows uniform mixing of blend and almost no globule formation, even for high graphite containing materials. The blending room is fitted with a de-humidifier to keep moisture under control, while operations are being performed.

Valve seat inserts - Specially designed presses provide consistency in density, which is essential for the production of quality parts.  These presses have special feature to form outer chamfer, which avoids subsequent machining operation.

Valve guide - Tailor-made feeding systems allow uniform density distribution along the length of guides, giving maximum variation within 02.gm/cc even for a 60mm long valve guide.  The use  of sintered tool steel allows greater compaction pressure giving higher densities, which helps in improving machinability of parts.

Structural parts - Mechanical and hydraulic presses with two upper level and two lower levels are used for pressing parts such as synchronizer hubs and oil pump rotors.  Multi-level presses (> 3 levels) are used when required.

Sintering and heat treatment
Furnaces used for sintering are specially designed for parts where, apart from accurate temperature profile, purity of atmosphere is ensured to 3~4 PPM.  Furnaces are calibrated monthly to ensure accurate results.  Heat treatments are carried out in-house to ensure better process control.
Grinding & machining
Most of the grinding and machining operations are performed out in-house, which allow greater process control.
Inspection & Testing
Federal-Mogul is a world leader in sintered technology. Using state-of-the-art equipment, specifically designed for sintered parts, products are inspected and tested to meet high quality standards.
Plant Manager: Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Factory: SPL/1240-1244, RIICO Industrial Area,
Phase-I(Extn.), Ghatal, Bhiwadi-301019,
Distt. - Alwar, Rajasthan, INDIA
Phone Number: 0091-1493-518727
Fax Number: 0091-1493518730
E-mail: Rakesh.kumar2@federalmogul.com